SHY Swim Team Family Volunteer Guidelines


SHY Swim Team and its coaching staff, like all other swim teams, rely on our parent involvement to be successful. SHY parents support the swimmers, coaching staff and the local swimming community by volunteering at meets, organizing social events, fundraising, etc. All families are expected to volunteer, in order to spread the workload and not have it fall on a few overextended parents.




While there is no work bond option, there are monetary fines for missing volunteer and timing assignments (see “Fine Policy” below). Below, is a brief description of how the volunteer commitment required by parents is implemented for Dual Meets, SHY Hosted Invitational Meets and Non-SHY Hosted Invitational Meets.


FINE POLICY FOR MISSED ASSIGNMENTS – if a missed assignment occurs without the family finding a replacement, the following fines will be added to the swimmer’s Team Unify account. Fines not paid off in a timely manner, may prevent the swimmer(s) from entering in future meets.


With the exception of the $100.00 fine for 8 & Under Championships, the following will be held for all SHY and Non-SHY Hosted Invitational & Dual Meets.


DUAL MEETS – One parent from each family will volunteer for a minimum of (but not limited to) 2 dual meets for each team on which they have swimmers. If needed, families will be assigned to work additional dual meets.


SHY HOSTED INVITATIONAL MEETS (*Excluding 8 & Under Championship Meet) – One parent will work all SHY hosted meets that their swimmer attends. Families with swimmers not in these SHY-hosted meets are not required to volunteer (but are more then welcome to).



8 & UNDER CHAMPIONSHIPS – One parent will work one shift, regardless of their swimmers’ age(s) or meet attendance. The meet will be held the first weekend of February.

NON-HOSTED INVITATIONAL MEETS – One parent should be available to time at all invitational meets your swimmer attends, including Finals.


SHY COMMITTEES – One parent is expected to volunteer for at least one committee.


HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMER VOLUNTEERING: High school swimmers play an important role in fostering a life-long love of swimming with younger swimmers and building a sense of team unity through supporting each other and improving themselves and their swim community.




Download document: Invitational Timing Procedures 2019-20