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On Sunday, November 5, from 2 –4:30 pm, Coach Chuck Warner will be presenting “ The Possibilities and Process for Swimming in College” in the Teen Center. Coach Warner has been around the swimming world for a long time and has a great deal of experience at both the club and then, most recently, at the collegiate level at Rutgers University.  I have attached the flyer along with the registration information (there is a link on the flyer).   

You will need to register on his website and there is a $65 fee which covers athlete and his/her family.   This year, the STPO will be subsidizing the cost of any SHY swimmer who registers and attends the seminar by $20.  The subsidy will be credited to each family’s team unify account after the session.   



USDA National Nutrient Database


Rest, Recover and Refuel!

Article for parents and athletes on sleep and nutrition links


USA Swimming Scholastic All America info


USA Swimming Nutrition Center

One of the building blocks of quality training is good nutrition. The articles in this section offer a variety of tips to help swimmers fuel themselves for training and competition.