Somerset Hills YMCA Swim Team

Message from Coach Lori


Hello, SHY Families!

In the last week, so much has changed for all of us. We are all experiencing so many different emotions and I encourage you to share those feelings with those around you. The coaches are experiencing the same right along side of you.

This week has been a big adjustment for many as we navigate through these unchartered waters. Reality of our new normal has begun to sink in as we adjust to distance learning, finding ways to stay active, and staying positive through all of this. We have been given a great gift during this time.....the gift of time. This will be a great opportunity for families to reconnect through family dinners, family game nights, movie nights and so much more.

I encourage you to stay positive through all of this! Athletes have a unique advantage over many others. A key component to a successful athlete is their mental training. Athletes are trained, daily, both physically and mentally. They are used to finding ways to get through tough situations whether it was a bad swim or they aren't feeling well or they just had a bad day. They have the ability to draw on their mental strength to get through it. That is what they should be focusing on now. We will all get through this if we keep a positive outlook. We cannot focus on the what-ifs or what could've been. We need to focus on what will be and what we will do. Look to the future!

On Monday, I will send a dryland workout that can be done throughout the week. Each week, there will be a new one until we are able to get back in the water. This is one situation where we encourage you to use your phones and stay connected to your friends and teammates. So, let's take this time to find creative and fun ways to stay connected. Create a workout video, create a workout blog, FaceTime each other while working out, anything to help keep spirits up and focus on our future!

Please stay in touch over the next few weeks! I would love to hear how workouts are going at home, what creative ways our athletes are staying active. Send pictures that can be posted on the SHY Facebook page. It would be great to let everyone see how determined and committed our athletes are at getting through this together.


Stay safe, healthy and happy!


Coach Lori

Meet Information


Mar. 20-22 NJ 14/under Junior Olympics - Canceled


Mar. 30 - Apr. 3 YMCA Short Course Nationals - Canceled










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Dryland at Home We will be sending out workouts you can do at home starting Monday. Watch for it in your email!


Banquet Update The SHY 11/over Banquet, currently scheduled for April 16, is being reassessed. Once we have more concrete information, we will email out the details.









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