Swim Team Parents Organization (STPO)


The STPO includes all parents of swimmers on the Somerset Hills YMCA swim team. We support the swimmers and coaches of SHY, the local and national Y, and the NJ swimming community. We do this by running meets, raising funds, organizing and subsidizing social events, coordinating volunteers, purchasing and maintaining meet, pool and training equipment, and managing other administrative support for the team.


The STPO does not get involved in coaching, determining practice groups, deciding which meets the team attends, or discussions and decisions between coaches and swimmers at practices and meets.





President Gina Capizzi g_capizzi@yahoo.com
VP - Technical Martin Scheidl mscheidl@gmail.com
VP - Volunteers Linda Paul llindaep21@icloud.com
VP - Team Support (shared role) Anne Castagno acastagno@verizon.net
Kristin Stuek stuek@optonline.net
Treasurer Kendra Russano grussano@hotmail.com
Secretary Lynn Alexy lynnalexy@aol.com
Head Coach Lori Riegler  lriegler@somersetcountyymca.org
Administrative Advisor  Duke Munzer dmunzer@somersetcountyymca.org


STPO Officers meet monthly.


Please contact any member if you have any questions, need any assistance or want to bring something to the STPO’s attention.